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Editor-In-Chief – Tricia Callahan

Tricia is a dreamer with a knack for bad poetry.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: Horror movies, drag stars, collecting art, Green Day, Bikini Kill, Rancid, Irish Pub music, Fight Club and sweatpants -the list is ever changing-

Managing Editor – Brittany Adams

Brittany is a feminist, aspiring novelist and editing champion.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: A Day to Remember, Lana Del Rey and Supernatural.

Contributor – Savannah Cotton

Savannah is a typical punk kid who sports ever changing hair colors to compliment her multiple piercings. She’s an English major who finds solace in hardcore music.

Shamelessly Obsessed With: A Day To Remember, Harry Potter, and getting new piercings.

Contributor – Konstantina Buhalis

Konstantina is an aging goth with a love for espresso.

Shamelessly obsessed with: Blade Runner, Covenant, The Cure, and horror films.

Graphic Design Contributor: Joshua Grubbs

Joshua is a graphic arts student and all he does is drink too much coffee, work, attend school, and manage a band

Shamelessly obsessed with: Modest Mouse, The Walking Dead, and artist Alex Pardee






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