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Tricia Callahan – Editor-in-Chief

Tricia is a dreamer with a knack for bad poetry.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: Green Day, Bikini Kill, Rancid, Irish Pub music, Fight Club and sweatpants.



Brittany Adams – Managing Editor

Brittany is a feminist, aspiring novelist and editing champion.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: A Day to Remember, Lana Del Rey and Supernatural.






Amy Taylor- Writer

Amy is a freelance writer and skincare guru who stays at home raising three crazy kids.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: Florence & the Machine (please put out a new album), Nathan for You on Comedy Central and anything written by David Sedaris





julie 1-13 324

Julie Young- Photographer

Julie is a high school student who leads a vegan lifestyle and promotes positivity.

Shamelessly Obsessed with: Twenty One Pilots, going to concerts, and running.







Sarah Neal – Writer/Personal Columnist

Currently obsessed with Flogging Molly, Alkaline Trio, analyzing transgressive literature, engaging in political/feminist debates online, and vehemently questioning the social norms surrounding sex and romance.







Savannah Cotton – Music Reporter/Artist

Savannah is a typical punk kid with crazy hair colors, along with multiple piercings. She’s a soon-to-be English major who has an attitude for hardcore music.

Shamelessly Obsessed With: A Day To Remember, Harry Potter, new piercings, going to concerts and being different.






Savannah Schepp – Writer/Personal Columnist

Savannah is a full-time student currently studying feminist discourse and psychoanalytic theories in literature.

Shamelessly obsessed with: Anthony Bourdain, Donnie Darko, Freudian analyses, live music, psych-thrillers of any sort and peanut butter.







Jennifer Nichole Wells: Photographer

An artist out of Jacksonville, FL, is finally coming to terms with the fact that all she does is play with miniatures.

Current (meaning basically all time) Obsessions: my cat and my camera.






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