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Why No Apologies? The inspiration for the title.

“Why did you name your magazine No Apologies?”

I surprisingly get asked this question a lot, and not just from young folk either.

If I was to really tell you the whole story, you would be snoring pretty soon, but the truth of the matter is that I had a deep obsession with Nirvana all through my high school years. When I heard “All Apologies” (check it out in the vid below), I was mesmerized not only by Kurt’s guttural performance, but by the true sarcastic nature of the song. No Apologies as a concept was solidified.

Making a publication that could offer a reprieve for all of the opinionated, cast out misfits became a mission for me. I am not speaking only about the kids with a thousand piercings (although they can be pretty awesome as well), but am thinking more specifically about the underrated person who keeps their lip buttoned up in certain situations, only shaking their hair loose at night. Or the kid in class that your asshole brother called a “poser.” Or the folks who have a true passion for music, culture and their surroundings, and observe everyone else making a jerk of themselves.

Well now that I have run off on a complete tangent, I will say that in a nutshell, No Apologies is a place where you can be as open-minded as you want. You can listen to pop radio by day and The Ramones by night; this is a judgement-free zone where you are free to live your life without apologizing. Seriously.

P.S. If you can name the Smashing Pumpkins song that mentions “no apologies” in its lyrics, we will most likely end up being best friends. Just saying.

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