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Seven Reasons Why You Need Spoon’s They Want My Soul on Your Playlist

By: Amy Taylor

Indie-rock band Spoon’s new album, They Want My  Soul, is a delight for many musical palates. Here are  the top seven reasons you’re going to buy it/stream  it/like it/like-like it/make sweet love to it:

1.  If variety is the spice of life, this album is mouthwatering. There are songs  for a plethora of moods and musical tastes. There were so many moments of  “this may sound like such-and-such band,” but once all those moments mesh  together, you’re hit with the realization that this is a unique blend of  original,  creative talent.

2.  “Do You,” is their most popular track on Spotify and for good reason. This  track is simple and clean, in the most positive way; it makes me want to skip down the street.

3.  “New York Kiss” is the unsung hero of this album, at least if you’re looking at hits on social media. It is simultaneously sunny and melancholy and stayed stuck in my head for hours.

4.  Lead singer Britt Daniel brings a different vocal quality to each track. He brings everything from gritty and retro to crisp and mellow and he’s always on point.

5.  Sometimes you just have to justify your musical choice with the way it makes you want to move, and this album brings toe-tapping beats. I wouldn’t want to use the word “catchy,” because that brings to mind the kool-aid-swilling pop radio, brainwash beats—it’s more like earworm material.

6.  From acoustic guitars to drum machines, the eclectic blend of instruments mixes things up and keeps you guessing from track to track. Listening to each track brings its own set of associations and emotions, and the album as a whole gives you an over-arching experience.

7.  And for funsies, on some tracks I swear I’m listening to grown-up Stewie Griffin (of Family Guy fame). Go on. Now you can’t unhear it.

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