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Sweet Sweet Sweatpants

There is little to nothing that has more significance at this time in my life than sweatpants.

By: Tricia Callahan

There is little to nothing that has held more significance at this time in my life than my sweatpants. The smooth comfort of the baggy legs, the oversized elastic waistband, the gender neutralizing gray piece of polyester and cotton.

It all began at a local yard sale.

I had moved into my apartment in Columbia, SC on May of 2014. With the sun hot and my spirits high I was itching to get myself to some local yard sales to find things for my new place. We happened upon a yard sale where a man in his mid-30’s was moving out of the area and having a moving sale.

After finding a few fantastic things (including a typewriter for $5!) I noticed the sweatpants in all their glory. Only 50 cents, can you imagine? I purchased them thoughtlessly not realizing all they would see me through.

The following months I would find myself dredged in a new kind of feeling and it wasn’t a good one. My Mercury Sable had enough strength to make the drive to my apartment parking lot but afterward only lasted a few more rides before the transmission was shot. Not having a car just made everything harder.

People will try to tell you take the bus, find a ride. Well speaking from experience even when you live with people who love you tons it is still hard to find a ride. At the end of the day asking someone to take you anywhere can be an embarrassing and stressful situation. You have to justify everything you do. Cue sweatpants.

Finding a job was a feat that was much more difficult than anticipated. Even with my Bachelor’s Degree (which is the equivalent to a popsicle stick at this point) in Journalism I was unable to secure a position even remotely close to my true talents. Cue sweatpants.

Even now with a job and a car. Cue sweatpants.

Over the time sweatpants have been there for me through thick and thin, quite literally. Through Lana Del Rey records and tears, through weekly 5 mile hikes through the park to the grocery store, through failure and success they have been a constant companion. Never judging, always hugging. My sweatpants.

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