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The Dead Milkmen’s Single, “Pretty Music for Pretty People”

By: Vanessa Gauss

The Dead Milkmen’s latest single “Pretty Music for Pretty People” captures what you expect from the light hearted, sarcastic, and always poignant 80’s punk rock moguls.

The song catches you off guard from the beginning with the whispered phrase “Ennie meanie jelly beanie/the spirits are about to speak” and then bursts into surprising, crazed carnival fanfare. On the surface, this song is about individuals accepting awards, but the trick manifests itself through its demented festival tone and satirical lyrics: “in your speech at the Grammys/you didn’t forget to thank your mom/you were concise and you stayed on topic/you avoided the subject of poverty/cause you know that music is all about enjoyment.”

While it is clear that there is a deep message being conveyed, the atmosphere of the song is set through gritty vocals and powerful electric guitars, while use of a keyboard makes this song as fun as well, akin to a carnival.

“Pretty Music for Pretty People” allows you to hear a completely different perspective of what is normally a positive experience, yet gives you the opportunity to agree or disagree.

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