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Interview with Pop Rock Band: Kid Finish

By: Tricia Callahan

What inspired the name change in 2011?

The name change actually occurred in 2007. Up to that point we were known as “Leftover.” We released one EP under that band name in 2006 but then changed the name right before we released our first full-length album, This Is How She Held Me, in August of 2007. The reason for the name change was simply because we were a different type of band at that point. The band had gone through a number of member changes, the sound was evolving from the influences of the new members and we wanted to have a band name that would allow us a little more flexibility genre-wise. We didn’t want to be limited to the kind of music we played because of our name. It may seem kind of silly, but you wouldn’t expect a band with the name “Death Adder” to be playing jazz music, so we kind of felt the same way about “Leftover.” You wouldn’t expect a band with a name like that playing anything other than pop-punk. So there were a number of reasons, and it seemed like the right thing to do despite the band already having a following with the old name. The story behind the name “Kid Finish” stems back from over ten years ago. Back in 2002, the current lead singer, Russ, was signing a record deal with his old band “Overlooked” and they were making copies of the contract in a Kinko’s in Whittier, CA. There were posters on the wall describing different types of paper finishes, like “Flower Finish,” “Spring Finish,” etc. The drummer of that band pointed to one called “Kid Finish” and said “Hey, that would be a cool band name.” Well, that thought stuck with Russ all that time and with everyone’s blessing, that became the new band name. It was almost going to be “Thunder Crush” but we didn’t think we were GLAM enough.


How did you guys find each other and start playing?

Gerard and Lloyd founded the band; they’ve been best friends since they were little. They originally started the band in 2002 with childhood friends. The original band name “Leftover” actually came to be because they’re both left handed. Since they started the band there have been a number of member changes, as is the case with a lot of bands. Justin joined the band in 2003 and played bass for a while and then moved to keys. Russ joined in 2005 as the new singer/guitar player and Bert joined in 2007 as the bass player. Gerard left the band in 2009 to pursue his professional career and was replaced by Nick Franco, who recorded guitar and backing vocals on the album What You Break We Rebuild. Nick left the band shortly after our 2nd album’s release and Gerard rejoined the band in 2012.


What has been your biggest show and what was the experience like?

It’s hard to pinpoint one show. We had the opportunity to play a few dates on Warped Tour in 2012, but we’ve also had the chance to play with bigger bands like One Republic and Sugarcult at venues like the Knitting Factory. All of those shows were a lot of fun but the experience between all of them was very different. The shows that are probably the most fun are the ones we get to play in front of our home crowd, because then it almost becomes one big party. It also doesn’t matter the venue size for us. We used to play this tiny venue in Pasadena, CA called No Future Café whenever we could because every time we did, we got to hangout with all out local friends and fans that have supported us since the beginning.


One band that all members would agree inspired your sound?

Probably not something we could ever agree on. We all find inspiration in very different places.


Could you tell me a bit about your song writing process?

Songs form in a number of different ways. Sometimes a single member will have a whole song mapped out and sometimes it may be just a verse or melody. Sometimes we’ll just have a jam session and it comes out of it. Sometimes a member breaks up with a girlfriend and they go on a writing binge. There’s always a lot a flex and flow, but one thing is for sure and that is that it’s never forced.


Have you mapped out a new release date? If so, can you give me any details?

Not at this point, but we’d like to have something released for 2015. Currently we have about 12 songs written and about 6 songs recorded. Out of the 6 songs we’ve recorded, 3 of them have been posted to ReverbNation: “Lust & Cigarettes,” “Moustachio” and “The Whisper War.” Every song has its own unique character but you can still tell that it’s us, that it’s Kid Finish. The rest of the album is going to feature more variety. There’ll be some mellow stuff, some poppy stuff, some aggressive stuff, some mainstream stuff and on and on. Hopefully when we’re done, we will have given everyone something they can hum to.


Fun Questions:

What are you guys currently jamming to?

Russ: Lately it’s been Bayside, Hrvrd, Bjork, City and Colour

Gerard: Matt Kearny, Foo Fighters

Lloyd: The Police, Say Anything, New Found Glory, Metallica

Justin: Blood Orange, Flume

Bert: The Dear Hunter, Cro-Mags, Lagwagon


Snack/drink that you can’t live without?

Russ: Any type of Instant Ramen, La Fin Du Monde, Pappy 15

Gerard: Snickers ice cream bar, Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey

Lloyd: Krispy Kreme Donuts

Justin: Anything from Taco Bell, mainly Cheesy Gordita Crunch and of course, Squirt

Bert: Beer for both….and Pringles


If you could play a show anywhere, where would it be and why?

Russ: House party. Haven’t played a house party in years. Gotta be where the party’s at.

Gerard: Anywhere, as long as I don’t have to work the next day

Lloyd: I would want to play in a glass cube underwater because it’s never been done before

Justin: Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth and I could eat lobster nachos everyday, which would make my life complete

Bert: Right now I’m thinking Europe because my girlfriend’s band is touring there and it seems awesome.  Japan is at the top of the list as well.


Final thoughts?

Russ: Man who run in front of car get tired, Man who run behind car get exhausted.

Gerard: YOLO

Lloyd: Watch out for new music; support local bands!

Justin: Follow your dreams and by dreams I mean dat ass.

Bert: Support your local scene!

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