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Joel Faviere and SayWeCanFly at NBT–Show Review

By: Savannah Cotton

The heavenly voices cooed over the room. Incense was in the air, as were the notes of the acoustic guitars.

The ex-lead singer of Get Scared, Joel Faviere, has a voice made of sex. Just a guy from Florida who made it big, he sung his set with so much emotion. It was as if you were walking beside him through his past. Even though he makes cute little funny faces while singing, the crowd still loved him. We clapped along to his guitar and amazing highs. While he was playing, I noticed something: he wasn’t using a guitar pick…he was using a quarter!

When SayWeCanFly played, Braden used his fingers instead of a pick. The heartthrob, so tiny and cute with his little gap in his teeth, talked to us about his troubled past. He remembers being bullied in school for dressing differently and hanging out with a certain group of friends, as well as the first time he saw someone with cut marks. Speaking with his voice cracking and shaking, he put on an amazing, emotional set. He swayed as he sung and even thoughtfully dedicated a song to the couple in the front.

Photo credit: Rosalia Radke Lambert

Photo credit: Rosalia Radke Lambert

Joel Faviere answered a few questions after his set:

I know you have a girlfriend, Darian. Where is she now and how did you meet?

Well, I was playing a venue in Idaho. I saw her in line, so I walked up to her and said she looked cool. After my set, her friend said Darian liked it. So, Darian and I hung out after the show. I walked her home and that was it from there. Now we live together in Florida. That’s where she is now. She couldn’t get off work.

Who do you believe supports you the most?

My parents. Darian, of course. And my brother. He is here in a way.

Favorite alcohol?


How was it working with Get Scared?

It was fun. I had a good run.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Life is supposed to be long and it’s really easy to get lost in a dark moment, but you can always find someone to help you. And sometimes, giving up is a chance to heal.

SayWeCanFly was also gracious enough to answer a few questions for us:

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Mostly the things that have happened in my life and just experiences.

How long have you wanted to go on tour?

I’ve always loved music but I’ve really wanted to go on tour for about five years.

What’s it like meeting people whose lives you’ve changed?

I remember what music did to me so it amazes me. Knowing that I can help someone is amazing.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

In some ways I do.

Who or what would you come back as?

I’d come back as a flower on a mountain to be peaceful and alone.

Have you worked with any other bands?

The Icarus Account, Caleb Denison (NeverShoutNever), Jason Lancaster

Anything else you’d like to add?

I have a new album coming soon called Between The Roses. Roses are my favorite.

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