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Courage My Love at Tremont Music Hall–Show Review

By: Savannah Cotton

After a long, two-hour drive to Charlotte, North Carolina, I finally arrived at Tremont Music Hall. The show started a little late so I wasn’t late, thanks to the heavenly procrastination of the venue and bands!

Courage My Love took the stage at 9:10. With a tiny little backdrop with their name spray-painted on it, they started with no hesitation. The band was jumping around and the two guitarists were having battles, chasing each other, pretending to hit the others guitar. It was amazing. Even though in the beginning, they called us weak, they were bubbling with energy. Over some time, the crowd began to get use to their style and eventually started singing the lyrics back and moving around. For less than a minute, we even had a mini pit started by the male guitarist. At the end Mercedes, the twin who plays guitar, said that she loved us. The other twin who plays drums for the band, Phoenix, explained to us how much it meant to have us there. Coming from a little town in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, it made them feel the love, knowing that thousand miles away from where they started, people knew their lyrics.

Prior to their set, the twins agreed to sit down and answer a few questions.

You guys are twins. When is your birthday?

Mercedes: October 31, 1993. Just turned 21!

With you guys being sisters and in the same band, are you guys really close?

Mercedes: Yes. Being in the same band brought us a lot closer. It’s like we never leave each other’s side and we share the same experiences together.
Phoenix: It’s also due to the “twin connection.”

How does your family feel about you guys being in a band?

Mercedes: They’re fine with it. Mum’s the one who got us music lessons and she never pressured us about it. Dad goes to every show. (Which explains why on the back of her guitar it has “Hi Dad” on it.)

What was the first song you guys wrote?

Phoenix: Well, it was really emo.
Both: *laugh*
Mercedes: It was probably “In My Veins.” As a band it was “Barricade.”

What was it like playing Warped Tour?

Mercedes: It was awesome. We met a lot of fans and we learned a few things. Like, it’s a big tour with a lot of hard work but it was an experience and to be a part of it gave us more confidence as a band.

What made you want to start a band?

Mercedes: It was never really a conscious decision.
Phoenix: Yeah, we didn’t even apply to college. So, we were screwed.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Mercedes: After this tour is over, we will be recording a new album which will hopefully come out in Spring or Summer of next year.

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