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Stray From The Path Play At NBT with Invoking the Abstract and My Ticket Home

By: Savannah Cotton

On October 23, I walked into New Brookland Tavern and was met by crazy lights and the faint smell of beer. Band merch was everywhere. You could feel the excitement of the crowd waiting to see Stray From The Path, and as the night went on, the crowd only got more anxious.

A local band based out of Columbia, Invoking The Abstract, played the opening. I’ve seen them a few times and they never disappoint. With their deep growls, insanely energetic band members and Mike (the lead singer and the venue’s bouncer) dancing in the center of the pit, they put on yet another amazing performance.

The best band of the night went up in the second slot. My Ticket Home had the tavern filled with radiating sound. Flipping their hair and seductively playing, mosh and circle pits were in full swing. After their exhausting set, they agreed to answer a few questions I had.

Band-My Ticket Home- asked to be place in articleNA: Why did you guys only play your new stuff?

Nick: We’re sick of the old shit. We were young and we don’t like it now.

NA: What inspired the song “Who Is 67?”

Derek: Well, Nick went through a phase with the movie Shutter Island.
Nick: The line “Who is 67?” is in there.

NA: Is it hard playing bass or guitar while singing?

Derek: It was very hard at first.
Nick: It took a lot of practice.

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NA: You said this was your first time playing in Columbia. What did you think?

Nick: Fucking awesome.
Derek: It was sick as hell.

NA: Anything else you’d like to add?

Derek: We are recording new shit.
Nick: Puke Rock or Die!

Before the last band started to play, Trey the Ruler went up and read an AMAZING poem he wrote, called “Deth Cult.” The words were deep and extremely powerful. He gave me chills and made me just want to listen to everything he said, along with how he pronounced each letter. This was easily one of the highlights of the entire show.

Stray From The Path’s songs center around government and hatred, yet, while on stage, rap-metalling their freaking hearts out, you could see the crowd connecting with them, as if they agreed silently, as one. The air was filled with the smell of sweat and alcohol, but the feeling of power overcame it. That vibe was breathtaking.

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