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A Chat with Emo-Pop-Rap Artist Kyle Lucas

“I don’t have a tattoo…I have big ears…I kept getting older and it became more unique that I didn’t have a tattoo.”

By: Savannah Cotton

Kyle Lucas spills the beans on love, touring, tattoos, and his dream of one day working for Adult Swim. Lucas may be overly conscious of his age but continues drawing young fans with his emotionally charged rhymes.

No Apologies: Have you ever done a Skype interview before?

Kyle: Yes.
NA: What is your best New Years memory?
Kyle: They’ve all been pretty fun. Just always have a lot of parties with my friends. This New Years was really fun though. I went up to a cabin with a bunch of my friends in Lake Hartwell, in Clemson, South Carolina. So, that was a lot of fun.
NA: Have you ever dated a fan before?
Kyle: Umm, *chuckles* Yeah. Yeah, I have.
NA: What song has the strongest meaning to you?
Kyle: “Airport Blues” is big. “I Still Feel Her Pt. 5” is still pretty big because it’s a personal story. “Red Wine and Xanax” is true. “Love and Other Drugs” one and two is true. So, pretty much like, I guess the first.. Yeah. Those few handful ones are the most meaningful. It’s because they’re true stories and accurate.
NA: Favorite tour memory?
Kyle: I mean, the whole trip to Australia was dope. With Jonny [Craig]. That was fun. The UK was fun. I got so many like crazy, individual memories but those trips were just unique because it was the first time I ever left the country. And it was pretty dope to do it with music.
NA: What was the first song/rap you wrote?
Kyle: No idea. I was in third grade when I started rapping so, I can guarantee it was horrible. *chuckles*
NA: When is the next tour and album?
Kyle: I don’t know tour yet. We’re trying to figure out who I want to go out with and things of that sense which is a lot of stuff behind the scenes. So, I don’t know about the tour but I have a song…called “I Can’t Stay“. My latest EP is called “A Whole in the Heart”. It’s a little darker. A little different than my album. My album I wanted to do, like, just show 1-14 songs was my first retail album. With like free songs or collaborative songs. I wanted to show the spectrum of songs I could write. Like, I could write a pop song with William Beckett but also do a dark song with Chino XL. So, this one is just more focused in on a kind of darker, more ambient vibes.
NA: Are Jonny Craig and Captain Midnite your favorite tour partners?
Kyle: Yeah, for sure. Jonny Craig definitely is, for sure. 100 percent. Every night is a fucking wild ride. He makes it interesting. It’s easier to tour with friends than it is to tour with strangers.
NA: What is your most meaningful tattoo? What does it stand for?
Kyle: I don’t have a tattoo. I have no tattoos. I just got big ears. I never really thought of something that I’d want permanent. I kept getting older and older and it became more unique that I didn’t have a tattoo. Especially with the scene I’m in. I’m a rapper but I also rap in the Warped Tour scene. With my fan base, it just became super unique that I just have gauged ears with no tattoos. It’s not that I’m against it. I just haven’t found anything significant enough.
NA: What do you do when you get upset?
Kyle: I talk to my friends, talk to my therapist, talk to my mom. Write music. Really upset, really revengeful, like if I get really angry, probably write a song but that’s far between. Mainly, I just take some deep breaths. My dad is a therapist so he’s really easy to talk to.
NA: A lot of your songs are about love. Do you believe there was one that got away?
Kyle: I don’t know. I think so but I feel like everything happens for a reason. Especially that I’m older now. Timing was everything. Especially with the girl I talk about in “Airport Blues“. You know, I talk about her a lot and she was a big part of my life but she wasn’t ready for things and I wasn’t ready for things. We’re still friends now. It’s been a super long road. But I don’t know. A lot of it was my fault. I have a problem with committing and just throwing everything in there after this one relationship kind of hurt me. So, I kind of just sense that. It’s been like three or four years. Just been floating around.
NA: Do you believe in love?
Kyle: I believe in love. I want to be in love. I really want to so it’s like, I don’t know. But I do believe in love deeply.
NA: What was your college major?
Kyle: I majored in Communications: Media Studies and I have a Minor in Film. I actually started acting these past two months. I kind of just fell into a couple of roles. I knew I could act because I act in a lot of my music videos and I’ve been in the music industry for over ten years. So, I know a lot of people. I’d love to act. I kinda want to work because I’m riding this music thing out as far as it will go. It just keeps getting better and better. I kind of want to work for Adult Swim. It’s in Atlanta and I’d love to eventually end up there. I know a lot of people that already work there or have, so that would be cool. Something creative. Write a tv show or something creative. I’ve never had a job, so, I don’t know. *chuckles*

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