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LOLAA, Canadian Sisters Eager To Discuss Their Point of View & New EP

Lolaa2Photo credit: Stephanie Luong

LOLAA may be translated as our lady of sorrows but this electro pop-rock duo, by the same name, are musically and lyrically much more complex. Sisters Lex Valentine and Nadia Valerie Kin are still part of the underground LOLAA is coming off of multiple U.S. shows which is quite the feat.

Since releasing their first album with Magenta Lane, a garage rock band, at the ripe age of 16 they have matured into electronic princesses as LOLAA. Working with producer, Jon Drew (F*cked Up/Tokyo Police Club) and combining their songwriting, Latina cultural influence, and a pop-fusion flavor, they have brought something completely new to the table. LOLLA’s self-titled EP gives the promise of dance with a leniency toward mellow melodies and heart felt lyrics, who said synth can’t be pretty their bombastic single “Always Been” sets the tone.

Speaking with LOLAA exemplifies their real promise and personality.

What has been a highlight since emerging onto the scene as LOLAA in 2016? Getting to play with really cool bands, and just having people support what we are doing and our ideas. We are having fun and are just grateful to have been able to write music for as long as we have.

You toured in U.S. cities such as Chicago and New York. Being from Toronto were you pumped or have you already been to these cities? We’ve been to these cities before, and love them collectively. It was our first time there as LOLAA. It was especially exciting to play in Pilsen, Chicago this year. NYC is like a second home.

With you debut EP which tracks are you most excited about and why? “Always Been”, its just got a rhythm that’s fun to play live. Makes us feel like Madonna in Like A Prayer [she says while laughing] It’s really just an ode to Jon Secada’s “Just Another Day” though.

How did the filming of “Always Been” go? Any fun or interesting stories you can share? Is this the first video you guys have filmed? Its was really fun!  Yes, someone on set accidentally got hit in the face with a confetti canon. She was incredibly gracious and punk about it. No one had ever used one before, and the thing went rogue. Also, I had a pneumonia during the shoot, hence why I look so sweaty. It’s our first video in this band, but we did a bunch of videos with our last band. We are terrible at acting on camera, so you can probably see us half laughing in parts because we cant keep it together.

While playing shows in Toronto was there any band or musician you’ve enjoyed performing with the most? Helado Negro – just such a chill, down to earth and talented guy.

With your Latin roots how do you hope to have your music presented and received?We are proud of our culture/heritage. We want people to feel good when they come to our shows, and celebrate who they are.  When you come to a LOLAA show, its all love and a celebration. Any hateful, ignorant or racist bullshit can fuck right off (has to be said in these crazy times).

Where there any collaborators on the new EP you would like to mention? Simone Denny from Love Inc. sang backups on Always Been. Her voice is perfect and she’s just so wonderful. Also our producer Jon Drew, he’s produced so many rad records and is a wicked drummer. We’re lucky to have him for the live show. He supports all our crazy ideas.

This or That? Completely Pointless Questions:

Soda or Whiskey – Whiskey Soda
Winter or Summer – Summer
House Music or Rock – Riot Grrrl and Salsa; that’s a straight up tie
Gummy Bears or Candy Bars – Gummy Bears


What: POP Montreal 2017 @ Club Lambi

When: Friday, September 15 

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