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Morgellons At It Again– A Review On London Rockers Latest Album

MorgellonsTODAYPhoto Credit: Tony Smith

With a simple internet search of Morgellons you will be bombarded with a plethora of disease photos. But hiding behind the WebMD posts you will find UK rockers Morgellons. This four-piece band have been kicking the can since 2011. Their latest record, released by Flicknife Records, houses that loud crunchy post-punk sound we have all grown to love alongside interesting new dimensions.   

“Black Dog” is the draggy dark punk track that leans heavily on the hollow thump of the bass at moments sounding eerily like Joan Jett’s “Be Your Dog”. Lyrically landing on the other side of the map “Black Dog” speaks to the companionship and loyalty dogs provide, which my dark mind took to even infer Damien’s black hell dogs.

The albums sweet standout is “A Pauper’s Love Song”. The lyrics hit you right in the gut, “I can’t write a song and I can’t hold a tune and poetry isn’t my thing but all that I need is the thought of your smile and this tired old heart starts to sing”. It’s a lovely reprieve, the punk rocker with a heart if you will.

With dirt underneath their fingernails the track “Trash City Army” bumps like a road trip anthem. Seeming to musically follow the forward motion of a train with a repeating guitar riff that is easy to get behind. The album comes to the conclusion with A New Star In Heaven it’s about losing someone you love and never forgetting them.

I would argue that the Morgellons want this album to be equally memorable and with their crisp instrumental and differing vocal approaches to each song, I would say they have done just that.  


For Our International Readers—

Sep. 29 Dublin Castle, London

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Oct. 13 Suburbs, Guildford

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