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Lizzy Vann Unapologetically Carves Her Way Into The Indie Scene


Up and coming Virginia  indie musician Lizzy Vann spills the beans on her upcoming album “Letters”. From her first single “Let’s Break Up”  to one of her recent releases “Liberate” all the way back to her 2014 cover of Bon Iver’s hit “Skinny Love” she continues to excel. Vann’s inevitable reach from local acclaim to the mainstream will only take time, and we are all willing to wait.

NA: What is the name of your upcoming album and how would you describe it?

Lizzy Vann: Letters is the title of my upcoming album. It will be a compilation of “letters” from myself to people in my life, past and present. It’s bringing out a more personal side and will allow listeners a closer look into who I am.

NA: What are the differences on the surface level with this upcoming album and your most recent release?

Lizzy Vann: Experience is definitely a factor in the differences between And Whatnot and Letters. My EP was my first release and was very experimental as far as sounds and lyrics go, I think I played it a bit safe my first go ’round, this time I have more confidence in my abilities, and it will show.

NA: How do you think your personal style relates to your musical tastes and personal approach to the music you write?

Lizzy Vann: I love anything edgy and outside of the norm. I love experimenting with new sounds and always try to find artists that create unique/niche material.

NA: What inspired you to initially push forward toward music? Was there a specific relationship or moment where you knew this was what you wanted to pursue 100%?

Lizzy Vann: I have wanted to be a singer since I was very young, really as far back as I can remember. I’ve always loved music and just sang for fun when I was younger. I remember singing a Shania Twain song in front of a family friend, when I was about nine, and she was adamant that I had a gift and that I needed to share it. That was probably one of the first times I really said to myself, hey you can sing, you could do something with this, something big, and I never stopped.

NA: Of all the songs you have written thus far which do you think encapsulates you or what you have been through in your life?

Lizzy Vann: Liberate (Thunder) is the song that encapsulates my human experience. Life is tough, the world is tough, but looking inside yourself for hope and motivation is something I’ve found to be essential to thriving when you’re in a tough place.

NA: Where did you think you would be 5 years ago and how has that changed?

Lizzy Vann: Five years ago, I thought I was never going to get out of the string of bad situations I was in, I felt like my dreams to be an artist were just that, dreams, and they seemed so out of reach. I’ve come a long way since then. I decided to not let my dreams just be dreams and not to let people or circumstances get in my way, now I’ve independently produced and published my own EP and am keeping myself motivated. What you allow is what will continue, and I will not allow myself to not reach my goals.

NA: I know that you are both a musician and a print artist, who have been your biggest influences?

Lizzy Vann: Alanis Morrissette and Beck are both very influential to me when it comes to sound and experimenting with visual aesthetic.

NA: Which musician/person would you like to sit down and drink/smoke with and why?

Lizzy Vann: 2 Chainz, period. I am a big fan of Viceland and watch Most Expensivest almost religiously and would love to meet him, he is hilarious and I’m pretty sure we could be besties.

NA: How would you describe FAME and what does it mean to you?

Lizzy Vann: Fame to me is just large-scale recognition of your work, which would be amazing. Being a celebrity isn’t an ultimate goal of mine but having my music reach as many people as possible is.

NA: I have heard that you literally take your own photos, with that being said, how do you prepare for a photo shoot usually?

Lizzy Vann: I brainstorm first. I pick a location and establish an aesthetic and stick to it when it comes to doing my makeup and picking my clothing and my poses for said shoot. I have a great set of photography lights that I use in every shoot to make myself and my set look its best.

NA: If you could move anywhere to pursue your ambitions where would it be and why?

Lizzy Vann: I would probably move to California in order to pursue my music. Some of my favorite bands/artists got their start in Los Angeles.

NA: What is your favorite song and why?

Lizzy Vann: The Other Side of Paradise by Glass Animals is my favorite. It’s so dynamic and I love their sound in general as a band.


Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, for sure. They’re the best.

Whiskey or vodka?

Either/Or, I don’t discriminate.

Art or photography?

I feel that photography is art and I love art in all it’s many forms.

This or that?

This, totally this.

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