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The latest PVRIS album release has seemed so close all year: May 1st, July 10th,  August 28th, and now, finally!  

Use Me by Pvris was pushed back multiple times, due to COVID-19 (fucker tried to kill our music scene!), but now the third album from the Massachusetts trio is here for our listening pleasure.

The album houses a total of 11 songs three of which were featured on their 2019 Hallucination EP. The deluxe version bumps up the song count to 16 and is worth the extra coin. So, let’s dive into a few of them and let you be the judge.

“Good to Be Alive” is most certainly a song about addiction, but under the dirt the roots of this song are best represented when Lyndsey Gunnulfsen croons “Feels good to be alive/but I hate my life”. The song capitalizes on the cold hard truth, even if folks appear to have their shit together they too have unhealthy coping mechanisms, from overeating to heroin.

“Loveless” is raw in it’s musicality, melancholy hiding behind bright rhythmic guitar strums. Gunnulfsen’s breathy cotton cloud vocals seem to be the silver lining of the lyrical content that bathes the listener in the unifying emotion of heartbreak, “I shouldn’t be nostalgic/for the way you went away from all this/’cause babe you don’t deserve it”.

“Use Me”, the albums namesake, is unapologetically sexual especially in the music video; But who doesn’t love a band willing to be open about their kinks? More than just being a pro-BDSM track though “Use Me” seems to be a birds eye view of a trusting relationship, that respects boundaries. Honestly, I’m not fully sure. All I know is that this song is hot.


Overall, Use Me offers an auditory kaleidoscope of emotion. Let’s just say this album was well worth the wait.

-Savannah Cotton

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