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Song Review – Hula Hi-Fi “Waterworn”

Hula Hi-Fi’s new single, “Waterworn” off their new record, The Isle of Forgotten Dreams is a blissful trip into what feels like the crystal waters of Hawaii. With a beautiful fusion of noir tendencies and Polynesian flair, it feels like a Goth’s dream trip to the islands. 

Waterworn takes us a gentle journey, rocking us to the subtle hum of the ocean’s tides. A love song of forgetmenot’s the track takes it’s roots in a darker arrangement. The vocals are airy and light, matching each other with whispered fervor. 

With a steady beat backed by a steel guitar it offers up texture and sincerity in a new way. It’s reminiscent of the mid-century obsession with
Hawaii, it’s charming and direct. The song washes over the listener in a haze of romantic sincerity, it’s hard not to fall in love while listening to this. 

Altogether, the song packages the east and the west in under three minutes, giving us a taste of their unique blend. If you love surf punk, and you’re looking for something more relaxed, this is the song for you. 

-Konstantina Buhalis

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