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London’s Post-Punk Band, Morgellons, Dish On Their New Band’s Chemistry, Influences and Fan-Centric Attitude

By: Tricia Callahan

Drawing their band name from a delusion disorder, the Morgellons harbor a sound that crawls into your ear like a bug. The four-piece London post-punk band brings a level of grit and sophistication to their music that is hard to deny.

The road to their current, solid lineup has been a long one. The starting and original members, Vincent Mahon and Mark Geraghty, have known each other since they were teens. At the time, both were playing in different small punk bands, but they were reunited by chance in London and took that fateful meeting as a sign that they should work together.

After a couple of reinventions, the Morgellons are back and stronger than ever with additions Joshua Pinto and Mannie Zerafa, both longtime friends as well. Rehearsals are “electric to say the least: ideas bouncing around, input from all four members, really inspiring stuff,” comments bassist Mark Geraghty.

With their latest record, The Memory Of Echoes, the Morgellons’ Geraghty insists there wasn’t one central theme, but that “each song has its own message.”

“’Monochrome Soul,’” he explains, “is an observation of the bleak council estates around Britain, […] the Jeremy Kyle generation, fast food, cheap sports clothes, no hope, no future that we see around us each day.”

“Crash” propels an upbeat, balls-to-the-wall approach. Mahon’s vocals slide over progression chords seamlessly, in what can best be described as a killer driving track—without the crash, of course.

As for a song that stands out among the rest, “‘Subterranean Homesick Beast’ […] stands out as it’s a homage to The Cramps,” mentions Geraghty. The bass line opens the track, stomping and grabbing, then swaying to the playful, yet just-as-intense guitar licks.

Their album has received nothing but critical acclaim, while their consistent gigging is only widening their fan base.

The Morgellons have stood the test of time, and with good reason: they kick ass.

Note: New live EP Hope-Live, recorded in London’s famous Hope & Anchor venue, is available on their website


A Few Random Questions:

What is one of your favorite venues to perform at?

Mark: Rebellion Festival, 12 Bar Club, The Garage—N. London so far.


What bands or musicians are you guys currently jamming to?

Mark: Kirk Brandon’s Spear Of Destiny, Killing Joke (last 2 albums are immense), Savages & Creepshow.


What is the one thing you all need once you’re through with the set?

Mannie & Mark: Most definitely a beer. Vince probably needs a breather and a long cool drink after straining those vocal chords. And Josh probably needs his iPad. Only joking, mate! Josh is our design wizard; the guy’s a genius on so many levels.


Final thoughts?

Mark: After pretty extensive gigging around the capital and further afield this year, we seem to have made people sit up and take notice. Now we’re getting offers for bigger support slots, bigger gigs, and generally having new people come to see us, as well as the loyal group of friends who have supported us along the way. The one thing we want more than anything is for our music to be listened to by as many people as possible. 

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