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Interview with up and coming photographer Julie Young

  1. Where do you find most of your inspiration?
    When I read that question I instantly think of my friends and family. My friends inspire me everyday because they are all a group of very creative and honest people. They are all also so unique from other people I have met and this inspires me to photograph their spontaneous lives. My family inspires me because I’m with them a lot so I have observed the little things they do that may be odd to other people. Like sometimes my sister will touch the tip of her nose with her finger and I find this so strange but I love how it makes her stand out from other people.  This inspires me to photograph the different habits or actions of people that set them aside from others.


  1. What is your favorite image that you’ve taken and why?

    There are so many images I love but one of my favorites has to be one that I recently took of my sister reading in her bed. To others it may not seem that special but I love it so much because she loves to read and I believe it’s important to photograph people in their happy place. Sometimes I’ll just walk into her room and she’s reading so peacefully and in this moment she looked very serene.


  1. Have you had a memorable adventure while trying to capture something on film?

  I love having adventures and being able to combine that with taking photos is one of my favorite things. On the corner of this street in my town there is an abandoned house that i would pass everyday. One day my friends and I decided to walk to it but we had to stay on the side of the road and it just happen to be sunset so of course I was mesmerized by my friends walking with the sun behind them. This photo is titled “Nostalgia” on my flickr page. I took this photo quickly so my friends were caught off guard but they still look like models. Although in the photo it may look posed I promise it’s not. This was memorable to me because my friends both looked so confident and we had so much fun on our way to the abandoned house.


  1. What is your dream camera?

I would love to shoot with a Canon EOS 5D MARK III because the photos always come out so stunning but I don’t think anyone needs a fancy or expensive camera to take amazing photos.


  1. Do you have any other hobbies?

    Yes! I love to go running everyday, read books, listen to music, and hang out with friends. All of these things are very important to me with correlation to my inspiration.


  1. As a young photographer where have you learned your techniques? Has there been a particular person that has influenced you?

    I got my first camera at age 6 or 7 and have been taking pictures ever since. I pretty much taught myself from watching Youtube videos or just exploring my camera. I also learned by observing other photographers who attend my school and seeing the different ways they compose their photos. I took my first photo class my junior year of high school where I learned from one of my favorite teachers who is very enthusiastic and helpful about photography and art in general. From this class I have learned the principles of composition which I always use in my photos.


  1. Final Thoughts?

I’m so glad that I was able to do this interview! Thank you so much for helping me and other artists to get their work out there.

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