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I reminisce
A beautiful daydream
that takes me back
to a forgotten place
where we used
to meet halfway

It was many moons ago
but feels just like yesterday

And while so much time
has passed in between
it’s funny how much
has changed
And it reminds me
that it all
just stays the same

I remember the innocence
The girl
The youth
Somehow always knowing
what she would do

Then suddenly you
come back round full circle
and you’re right back
where you began
Reliving all those
memories once again

The rush of emotions
floods quickly
through your mind
In an instant
I have stopped
the hands of time

There you are
in yesterday
feeling your love
swell up inside
We didn’t know it then
how quickly
it would pass us by

This moment of nostalgia
has taken us
to another place
To how it all felt
way back when
And just for an instant
we are kids all over again

It’s so hard to walk away
There’s so much still to say
We have so many
years to share
Between our now
and our yesterday

Victoria Raine

Check out her book, “Blood on Paper“.

3 Comments on Nostalgia

  1. What beautiful sentiments and well expressed. Thankyou


  2. Beautiful! Somehow some of my memories came to mind while reading this. Love it! ❤❤


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