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Chatting With Upcoming Model Amber Neal


In a world that is quite shamelessly over run with attention seeking wannabes it was refreshing speaking with upcoming model Amber Neal whose fresh faced look is matched only by her work ethic and intelligence. While realizing the strength social media has on her budding career Amber finds stability in education and family first. With optimism and whole hearted laughter we discussed female self-confidence, Calvin Klein, and how we all get a little camera shy.

NA What inspired you to pursue a modeling career?

Amber To be honest it started out as a fun joke with my friends and I. Social media plays such a big role in everyone’s life nowadays and seeing who can get how many likes on what pictures. After realizing how easy it was to help inspire people to go out of their comfort zone and open up to a camera is when it all started to get more serious!

NA What is something some might not know about you?

Amber I don’t know how to ride a bike lol. I just never had the time to learn, its not that my parents didn’t want to teach me or have the time. I just didn’t care enough to ask or even had the time to go out and learn!

NA Is there a particular fashion or catalog model that you look up to and why?

Amber If she was in a Calvin Klein catalog she is my idol. Period.

NA With your huge Instagram following have there been any photos that have garnered the most attention? Can you share two and tell us a little story behind each photo?

Amber The first was a picture of myself laying out by the pool (pictured at the header). Although the picture was more on the scandalous side, you could tell I was just very comfortable in my own skin and I think that brought a lot of attention.

Another of my posts that was given a lot of attention was my photo about joining a kickboxing program back at school. It is a boomerang of me showing off my gloves and talking about how happy I was to find a new physical activity that not only kicked my butt, but also brought a lot of joy to my everyday life.

NA Outside of modeling what are your other aspirations?

Amber My father has worked very hard to get where he is now and I guess I have taken after him when it comes to achieving my own goals. If everything falls into place after college I hope to purse the life of a sports marketing agent for professional teams within the NBA and NFL.

NA What are you looking forward to the most with pursuing modeling professionally?

Amber I look forward to inspiring women to always feel beautiful and never see themselves as anything less than they are. It is very hard being a female in today’s world and I hope to help people from all over learn to have self confidence.

NA Do you have any hidden talents?

Amber I like to think I can sing but that’s something only my shower gets to hear *chuckles*

NA What beauty tips/make up products do you swear by?

Amber I have never been very good at hair or makeup. Which is crazy considering I grew up doing competitive cheer but my friends and roommates have always been responsible for my looks. I can say though that eyelash extensions are a God given gift to this earth and so is the Better Than Sex mascara from Two Face!

NA How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Amber I’d like to say that my style is all over the place. I like to venture off. Sometimes I go for the more chic look and other times I wear all black. This is something that I have always done and I think i got the motivation to do so because of Miley Cyrus. That girl could rock anything!!

NA Do you ever get camera shy?

Amber The only time i get camera shy is if my boyfriend is taking pictures of me…weird I know but for some reason that boy just makes me nervous

Full Name: Amber Madison Neal

Age: 19

Favorite Song: Take back Home Girl- Chris Lane

School: The University of Alabama

Five Things You Can’t Live Without: Family, Friends, Pizza, Coffee, & The Gym

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