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Single Selection: “Men In Grey” by The Hellfreaks

Behind the scenes of “Men In Grey” music video produced by Mihaszna Film

Breaking off from their 2007 surf-psycho band, Los Tiki Torpedoes, Shakey Sue set aside her drum sticks picked up the microphone and with her guitarist and two more than qualified musicians The Hellfreaks were born. This four-piece outfit from Budapest, Hungry takes a detour from their horrorbilly beginnings combining metal, punk, and slick choral hooks. This is more than evident in their latest single “Men In Grey.”

The lyrics and song itself allude to the 1970’s novel Mumo which delves into the conceptual trope and consequence of time. Between Shakey Sue’s in-your-face vocals, the break away guitar solo, and feverish tempo, “Men In Grey” shows off their refined talent and stellar production.

After over two years of hard work, The Hellfreaks’ fourth album “God On The Run” is set for release January 2020.

Tricia Callahan

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