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Hale Bopp Astronauts/Soda City Riot 7″ Split


Soda City Riot

Hale Bopp Astronaut/Soda City Riot
7″ Split

(River Monster)

For those late to the mosh, South Carolina punk bands Hale Bopp Astronauts (Charleston) teamed up with Soda City Riot (Columbia) for a 4-track 7″ Split and it’s a match made in anti-establishment heaven.

Power trio Hale Bopp Astronauts are known for their consistent intergalactic treatment to each release while Soda City Riot bring fast paced sing-along punk rock. Their sounds vary but certainly compliment and the records message is as straight forward as it gets, the American dream is on life support.

Hale Bopp Astronauts “Big Bucks” abducts the listener for a ride that is ripe with crass high-hats, noisy elegance, and a break away riff at the bridge. The song lands on clean electric guitar chords. “Asgardia” follows and even if influenced by the imaginary touches on the very real desire for escapism, “A brand new nation/create elation/let’s leave this place and start a life on this space station.” The hyperactive instrumental makes for a messy delivery that is somehow palatable and certainly windmill inducing.


Hale Bopp Astronauts

Soda City Riot kindly reminds us, “Everything Is Going To Shit” in their 1:42 testimonial. Even with the songs heavy, at times polarizing content, nothing can steer me away from a song with a SKA breakdown and an Irish pub friendly “Oi!” chant. The song is quite frankly my favorite of the lot. If “Everything Is Going To Shit” draws attention to unnecessary hate towards each other as U.S. citizens then “Hate Your Gov’t” begs the listener to focus on the root of the problem, which is all too often a corrupt government. The production, simple background harmonies coupled with a rumble tumble instrumental take make “Hate Your Gov’t” oddly enough the most radio ready.


Tricia Callahan


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