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Song Review – Gab De La Vega “I Still Believe”

Italian punk, Gab De La Vega’s new single, “I Still Believe” is certainly a gem among the 11 tracks of his latest EP, Beyond Space and Time

The song starts and settles into a clean tone, bright acoustics, and finds a clear vocal messenger in De La Vega. The lyrics can slide on like a silk rope to any seemingly grim situation, “I still believe in you/in the future/I still believe you’ll do what’s right”. Much like the emotional atmosphere of the world we are all just hoping that there are sunnier times on the horizon.

The accompanying music video is a reminder of the tenacity of the human spirit in northern Italy’s province of Brescia which was critically hit with the number of COVID-19 cases at the pandemics height in March of this year.

Even during this artistically crippling quarantine De La Vega has been recording singles and nurturing his own label, Epidemic Records, which he has spearheaded since 2011. Certainly an artist to look out for.

– Konstantina Buhalis

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