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NA Interviews UK Band Skoisters


By: Tricia Callahan

Half ska, half oi, Skoisters took the time to chat with us from their homestead in Bournemouth, UK. The band consisting of Adrian Noon (Vocals), Nick Purser (Guitar), Shultz Capone (Drums) and Liam Harper (Bass Guitar) gave us the dish on their unique, pulsing punk sound, new album, love lives and future show ambitions.

Where did you get the name Skoisters from? What does it mean?

ADRIAN: Skoisters is a name I chose as I wanted to get a band together playing Oi and Ska music, so I combined the two into “Ska Oi Sters” and took the “a” away.

How did the four of you meet and what made you pursue music instead of another career or dream?

MATT: I met the band as I was their roadie/engineer for a while (back when Nick still played the guitar). I pursue music because it’s my greatest passion in life!

LIAM: I met Adi about 5 or 6 years ago when he interviewed me in a previous band. Shultz I met when he came to a practice, and with Matt we had spent a lot of time with him before he joined the band as he was our sound guy. I’ve loved playing music since I was about fourteen. I love playing gigs and I have always enjoyed going to gigs. From the new single, you’ll be enjoying some nice heavy oi mixed with a nice slice of ska.

ADRIAN: I knew Nick and was in bands before with him. I knew Liam had the same sort of style band he played in when I interviewed him for my street fanzine called “On The Streets Of Today.” I met Shultz at a gig we went to and told him we were getting a band together and he said he was a drummer.
Matt was a follower and our P.A. man for a while. After numerous attempts at trying to get a new guitarist because Nick was leaving, I mentioned it to Matt and he said he played guitar. It could have saved us looking if he had mentioned it earlier, but he is now our new fourth member!

Who would you love to collaborate with?

MATT: Case, another great Oi/Ska band

LIAM: I’ve never really thought about collaborating with anyone, so I’m not sure on that one.

SHULTZ: I would have liked to collaborate with Ornette Coleman.

ADRIAN: We have played with the Business, would love to tour or do an album with them!

I see you have a new four-track CD dropping in a few weeks called The Streets of Blood. Can you tell me what we should expect from this CD? Are there any special meanings, hidden messages or sweet collaborations we would want to know about?

MATT: No hidden meanings here. This is straight up music from the streets for the streets, and what you hear is what you get!

ADRIAN: “The Streets Of Blood” is about all the scumbags that roam our streets and the police know who they are and don’t really do a lot. So eventually people will start fighting back, so it’s about vigilantes! There are also three hidden tracks on the CD.

You guys dropped your last album in 2012, Is This Our Future. What was your favorite song on that album? Why?

ADRIAN: My favorite song is “On The Streets Of Today.” It sums up me being middle aged and still a skinhead.

How did you learn to play the guitar? Can you play any other instrument?

MATT: I learned the guitar as I’ve been playing classical guitar since I was eight. I mainly stick to guitar and bass now, because it’s hard enough staying proficient in just one instrument when you live on the road half the time. Other instruments I used to play (but not so much anymore) include violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone and piano.

Are you related to Al Capone? Who’s your biggest fan or supporter? What makes them the biggest fan?

SHULTZ: Yes, I am related to Al Capone and Jesus is our biggest fan.

Liam, Adrian told me that you have been in a band before, as well as some of the other members. What band were you in? How did you choose to leave that band and begin with Skoisters?

LIAM: Yeah I used to be in a band called the Diskarded. We played a mix of heavy punk and dub/ska. I never had to choose between the two bands, as Diskarded parted ways years ago. Ady had contacted me about starting a new band. I asked “Playing what style of music?” and as soon as he said he wanted to play ska/oi, I was sold.

Another group question that I’m sure the lady fans are dying to know: is anyone married? Anyone attached? Or single and ready to mingle?

MATT – I think I’m right in saying I’m the only single member of the band. One of the few downsides of living/working on the road (even when I’m not playing for Skoisters) means you rarely get time to settle down and get to know people, but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

LIAM: I’m a soon to be married man, I’m afraid. We’re all looking forward to gigging again next year and hope to meet some more cool people.

SHULTZ: I’m with a Polish girl.

ADRIAN: I’m forty-nine and very happy with my lady.

Any other events/shows coming up that you would like for the fans and supporters to know about?

MATT: Look out for us at Skunkfest 2015 in our home county of Dorset, UK!

Any last Words?

MATT: Watch this space, should be plenty more shows coming up in the new year and if possible we might even be heading into mainland Europe at some point too. Keep it real! Keep skankin!

ADRIAN: Are there ever any last words? Tour in Europe and America maybe…lots more festivals and gigs in the UK, but we are forever hopeful.

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