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The No Incumbent Rule


By: S.Mann

It has come to my attention that our country is even more broken than usual these days. Like everyone else, I blame the government. Unlike everyone else, I have a plan to help find a solution. The problem is bipartisan politics. The solution is to eliminate partisan politics completely. But before we can begin rebuilding the most powerful governing body in the world, we must completely demolish the false notion that we are a country best served by a simple “either/or” society.
Hot or cold, black or white, right or left, hamburger or hot dog, this or that…it’s never really that easy…except when it comes to voting. When voting, you are either voting for an incumbent or not. Forget about the asses and pachyderms. Forget about the liberals and conservatives. All you’ve got is what you have now and what you could have. That’s it! And if NOW IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU, then you must seize the opportunity. That’s why I propose we adopt THE NO INCUMBENT RULE.  It’s easy! Just figure out who is already is in office and vote for anybody but that person.  This type of voting logic, while completely reasonable, will likely confuse the masses. So let me explain. If your toaster is broken, then you replace it. If your car is broken, then you replace it. Since your government is broken it only makes sense to replace it, or at least the replaceable parts. Now I know this would require a little more effort than the color coded red or blue system that we have all been conditioned to accept, but I believe it’s totally possible and way more fulfilling. Besides, most of us know that politics are just as rigged as professional wrestling, complete with its own set of fanatics who are oblivious yet dedicated all the same. But we, as the semi-informed (and I use that term very loosely) voting public, can decide to rinse and repeat the career politicians who are simply collecting checks while stirring the proverbial pot and making no real difference in the process.  The fact that the voting public can probably more easily name professional wrestlers than our own politicians, is the reason THE SYSTEM MUST BE SIMPLIFIED.

So what do you say? Most of us are voting based on absolutely no knowledge of the person, or position they are even running for, or what that position even entails. So why not mix it up a bit, and vote on something you do know? Let’s vote for the other guy or gal. At this point, what could it hurt? And if by chance, you find a candidate that has served his or her position well enough for you to know about them…and want to keep them, then please feel free to waive the rule in that one instance.  But something tells me that if you stop and think about it, more people will indeed start using THE NO INCUMBENT RULE.

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