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Here’s To The Kids

i……9Here’s To The Kids                                                                                                                                                 By: KayLani Strong

Here’s to the kids who cut to kill the monsters inside,
One tear leads to another,
They can run but never hide.
Here’s to the kids that don’t know their place,
Attempting kindness to only have it thrown back in their face.
Here’s to the girls and boys infatuated with their weight,
One day you’ll find someone that doesn’t care, your soul mate.
Here’s to the kids who’ve wrongfully had their innocence ripped away,
trust me, they’ll wish for it back every day.
Here’s to the kids who walk through life, smiling and acting as if everything’s okay,
Ignoring the real strife.
Here’s to the kids who feel alone in a crowd,
Trying, but never quite fitting in.
Here’s to the kids who blame themselves when their parents’ divorce,
Feeling sadness and remorse,
Just wishing they had a remote to rewind things back to the way they use to be,
Maybe things would change then?
Always asking themselves ‘Why?’ and wondering ‘When?’.
Here’s to the kids who’ve loved with all their heart, when their loved ones walked away they completely fell apart.
Here’s to the boys and girls who’ve lost a loved one,
The bravest thing you’ll ever do is keep on pushing when you feel you’re done.
Through a troubled past you’ll smile.
But your happiness never seems to last.
The truth is, A part of us lives and a piece of us dies. Pain changes us into the strong, independent, beautiful beings God planned for us to be. When the rain stops pouring, the sun will start shining and we’ll soar, like birds in the wind, this is where true happiness begins.

1 Comment on Here’s To The Kids

  1. WOW is the only word I seem to be able to find! This was absolutely amazing! I think this is the truest thing I have read in a long time. I can feel the emotions you felt when you wrote it and you certainly showed your compassion and love for others!! Seriously, this post was absolutely no doubt in my mind AMAZING!! Great job and I look forward to so many more, no pressure:)!!


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