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Worlds Greatest Dad– Atlanta Emo-Pop Quartet Tempt New Album Release


Worlds Greatest Dad, won me over with their 2015 release Boredom Blues which plays dark and emotive and with each chord progression frays and falls on the floor creating a messy masterpiece. Their song “Lessons” while at times lyrically confusing is somehow also relatable, I feel like may be the perfect way to describe the Atlanta quartet. Not your typical emo kids just musicians who don’t omit their emotion and I am more than curious about their upcoming release.

NA Worlds Greatest Dad sounds like the text on the outside of a Father’s Day mug; how did you all decide on this as your band name?

Maddie I honestly just thought ‘Hey, that’s a really funny band name’ and everyone was cool with it so it stuck. No one seems to ever forget it so I guess it worked out.

NA What project or projects are you guys currently working on?

We just finished up our first full length and will be releasing it late spring. We have a couple singles and a music video coming out before then.

NA How did you all meet up and start playing together? Are you all from Atlanta?

Maddie I met Jon (drummer) on Craigslist and auditioned him in someone else’s garage because I was living in my car at the time. Karac (bass) I met outside of a strip mall. And we all met Kegan playing a show together with his other band The Night Shift.

NA How would you define your genre?

Maddie Eh, that’s such a weird question. I guess a lil emo, a lil indie, a little pop? Our full length that’s coming out in spring is definitely more produced and we incorporated a lot more instruments.

NA Outside of performing what activities or hobbies are you all involved with that help keep the creative juices flowing?

Maddie I have a motorcycle that I’ve been working on. So basically I spend most of my free time yelling obscenities.

Jon Drinking and going to shows, riding my motorcycle, being outdoors 

Karac I play video games and mow lawns

Kegan What is ‘free time?’

NA When writing songs do lyrics or music come first or is it a different process altogether?

Maddie I kind of play a few chords and start blabbering out random bullshit that rhymes, I never think about what I’m saying. Then I bring that to the band and we sort out the structure and feel. But sometimes we’re just screwing around and find a cool little progression and I write off of it. It just depends.

NA How was it working with Formative Years for your Holiday Split-EP? 

Maddie James is a little angel and I love him.

NA What was your very first performance like? Where and when was it? Did anything particularly interesting happen?

Maddie Technically it was a house show but our first real performance was at masquerade (old location in hell) and it was dope. Everyone received us really well and I puked on my shirt while singing. (I puke when I’m nervous).

NA With the 2015 release Boredom Blues what was track are you most proud of and why?

Maddie I think it’s so old that we’re not really proud anymore? We’re just super excited for our new stuff.

NA Anything you all would like to add?

Maddie Please come to our house show on 2/17 with Mighty, Challenger Deep and Fooligans. And keep an eye out for our new releases in the next couple months! 

What: Mighty, Worlds Greatest Dad, Challenger Deep, Fooligans                         

Where: The Pink Room, 2703 Flagstone Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA

When: Saturday, Feb. 7, 7 p.m.- 11 p.m.                                                                             


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