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New Brookland Tavern Hosts “The Last Metal Show Of The Year”

By: Savannah Cotton

New Brookland Tavern is known to give local bands a chance to play with bigger, better-known ones. On Saturday, December 27, 2014, New Brooklyn Tavern hosted “The Last Metal Show Of The Year.”

The third band to play that night was a band right out of Columbia called Axattack. Alec Edelson, a guitarist as well as vocalist, had amazing screams, both deeps and highs. All three guys in the band scream and it actually makes a creative harmony. The band has many guitar solos but they all sum up to a perfect demonic-type band. Half-way through their set, the drummer’s bass pedal broke, but instead of leaving the crowd to just stand there awkwardly, Alec played us the Zelda guitar solo while they fixed it. Afterwards, they got back to the show as if nothing stopped them. Some people were just standing and observing the scene going on in front of their eyes. Others were head banging all over the place and of course, there was one drunk chick who wanted to tap dance and salsa at the same time. Overall, they were a success to everyone.

After their set, we had a chance to interview Axattack.

How long has Axattack been together?

We started at the end of February, beginning of March.

What made you want to start the band?

I’ve always wanted to play a thrash venom worship band.

Songs are written from what inspiration?

Usually, we start with a catchy title and randomly start. We also write about the corruption in the world.

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shameless plugs?

We have a split coming January 6th with Suppressive Fire. So, check it out! (Interviewer’s note: The four songs are covers from Metallica, Toxic Holocaust, Venom and Motörheaed, and they put a new twist on them!)

In 2007, a new melodic death metal band from Camden, South Carolina formed. What makes them so unique is their vocalist, Missi Avila, because her masculine screams are impressive as shit and admittedly, so very sexy. The build up to her screaming was heart-pounding. Once she started though, it was worth it. It was a gift to be able to hear her band, Your Chance To Die, play. The band has solid breakdowns behind her extremely powerful voice. After the show, we spoke with the band and asked Missi a few questions.

How old are you, Missi?


I heard you are married. True?

Yes. I’m married to the guitarist and we have two kids.

Why are the song titles on your most recent album not in English?

Well, we have some in Hebrew and Spanish. I love languages and some can say things in a better way. The meanings are more powerful in a different language.

Why did you guys cancel the last show here?

We had a problem with the drummer.

How is it being a female screamer?

It’s hard. I get critiqued more but I learned that I have to pull my own weight.

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